Emma Fromberg

 has a background in industrial design engineering

and is currently part of the University of Cambridge

Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

At CISL, she is the course director of

the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains and

the Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Business.


Before joining the University, she was part of the circular design team

at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation - a think-thank

whose mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.


Outside of her day-to-day job, she takes part in Arctic expeditions to collect data for climate change research and tells the story about this fast-changing ecosystem and what we can learn from it.

In her keynotes, Emma addresses a variety of topic ranging from

circular economy, sustainable product design - to more holistic

climate change related topics, specifically in the context of the Arctic. 



direct: info@emmafromberg.com

agent: team@thespeakingpeople.com

For any speaking enquiries (keynotes, panel discussions, facilitation) as well as writing assignments and any publications regarding expeditions. 

Press and media pack available

upon request. 


a gig

New gigs will be announced soon! 











Ethical Corporation, Transform Summit Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

16-17 October 2019

ICON magazine @ London Design Festival London, United Kingdom 

19 September 2019

UX Dublin.ei by Zendesk

Keynote on Climate Change and Circular Economy

Dublin, Ireland

30 July 2019 


London, United Kingdom 

16 May 2019

Public Presentation

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

16 May 2019

H&M Changemarkerlab

Berlin, Germany

5 April 2019




Oakland, San Francisco

18 October 2018

Service Design Global Conference 

Dublin, Ireland

11-12 October 2018

London Design Festival, Design Junction, London, United Kingdom

20 September 2018


Higher Education Symposium

London, United Kingdom

20 June 2018



Trondheim, Norway

31 May 2018


Frontiers of Engineering for Development Symposium

London, United Kingdom

1 May 2018

IKEA Foundation MBA Challenge 

Exeter, United Kingdom

9 February 2018




Disruptive Innovation Festival

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

22 November 2017


5th National Forum on Design

Valencia, Spain

21 September 2017

Schmidt-MacArthur Summer School  London, United Kingdom

12 June 2017


Fjord Madrid Kitchen Event 

Madrid, Spain

8 June 2017

Jobless Society Forum 

Milan, Italy

30 May 2017


Shell #MakeTheFuture Accelerator  London, United Kingdom

25 May 2017


What Design Can Do 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

24 May 2017


Open Education Global Conference 

Cape Town, South Africa

8 March 2017


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