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Emma Fromberg

Emma is the Course Director of the Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Sustainable Business at CISL. She has a background in design engineering, with expertise in learning and sustainability. As a Course Director, she is interested in how business professionals can deliver system-level change to support the transition to a more generative, accessible and abundant economy.

Besides her work at CISL, she is doctoral candidate at Delft University of Technology. In her research, she explores how - through higher education - mindsets could shift to grasp the systemic nature of circular economy challenges and business solutions to address these.

Previously, she was part of the Learning Team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The emphasis of her later work at the Foundation was on materials choices for a circular economy, which was a collaboration with Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. She also led the development of one of the first circular economy MOOC’s (massive open online course), a co-creation between Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Center for Sustainability and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is still available today on the EdX platform.





For any speaking enquiries (keynotes, panel discussions, facilitation) as well as writing assignments and any publications regarding expeditions. 

Press and media pack available

upon request. 






SDGC18 | Emma Fromberg: Three Elements in Motion
Service Design Network

SDGC18 | Emma Fromberg: Three Elements in Motion



Change the System to change the patterns

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Three forgotten lessons about the circular economy 

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Towards an effective circular economy 


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